Meditation is a natural state of the human mind—at rest, open, alert. The practice of meditation has been taught for over 2,500 years as a vehicle for realizing the beauty and magic of the ordinary world without aggression or manipulation.

The teachings of Shambhala Buddhism emphasize the potential for enlightenment inherent in every situation or state of mind. Through discipline, gentleness and a sense of humor, the practitioner is invited to let go of conflicting emotions and wake up on the spot.

Mindfulness-awareness meditation is the foundation of our practice. This ancient practice of self-discovery is rooted in the simple but revolutionary premise that every human being has the ability to cultivate the mind’s inherent stability, clarity and strength in order to be awake and have the compassion and insight necessary to care for oneself and the world genuinely.


About Meditation Instruction

Meditation instruction is available to anyone at no cost. It is best to schedule an appointment to meet with a meditation instructor (MI) or Shambhala Guide for this purpose.

You can also receive an in-depth introduction to meditation through The Way of Shambhala path of training – the Shambhala Training Retreats as well as the Way of Shambhala courses.

Once you have received meditation instruction, continuing to meet with an instructor is also recommended as part of one’s ongoing practice.

Depending on a person’s interest and experience, meditation instruction could include:

Introducing the practice of meditation. Introductory meditation instruction presents the basic meditation techniques taught in the Shambhala community.

Clarifying the view of meditation. In our tradition, meditation instruction involves more than the communication of a technique; it is, at heart, about the transmission of the view that unconditional wisdom and compassion are the very ground of our being, and that by learning to relax and be with ourselves as we are, we allow this fundamental nature to flower.

Instruction on working with obstacles to meditation. Common obstacles to meditation include disheartenment, resistance, procrastination, discursiveness and spacing out. These obstacles are well documented in the Shambhala Buddhist teachings—and so are their antidotes.

Guidance on the path of practice and study. Shambhala presents many opportunities for people to deepen their practice and study—public meditation sessions, classes, weekend and longer retreats, and advanced assemblies, to name a few. A meditation instructor can help you decide what to do next and when to do it.

Guidance on joining meditation and daily life.  Finding the way to incorporate meditation into our busy lives can be challenging. We need the tools to meet life’s ups and downs with a strong and pliable mind and an open heart. This is another potential benefit of working with a meditation instructor.


Meditation Instructors

Shambhala meditation instructors are senior Shambhala-Buddhist practitioners specially trained and authorized to help people deepen, expand and stabilize their understanding and experience of meditation.

We encourage anyone interested in this journey to work with the meditation instructor of her/his choice. This relationship is based on friendship, mentoring and confidentiality. Arrangements are entirely individualized; they can range from a meeting or two to clarify points of practice to an ongoing relationship involving more regular meetings.

Annapolis Shambhala Mediation Group meditation instructors currently available are listed below. Please feel free to contact any instructor directly or by email at [email protected].

Christine Heming

Dessie Howard

Bob Howard

Nancy McCabe


Shambhala Guides

The Annapolis Shambhala Meditation Group also has persons called Shambhala Guides who are trained in giving initial meditation instruction and are a resource to persons who want to learn more about Shambhala and what it has to offer. The Guides are listed below and can be contacted directly or by email at [email protected] for instruction and information.

Sherry Caldwell

Deb Kuzyk

Jane Ritchie